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30 March 2023
Get protected for 2023
At the start of a new year, it’s a great time to make sure your...
rynku mieszkaniowego i kredytów hipotecznych
28 March 2023
2023 outlook for housing and mortgages
The housing and mortgage markets have had a stormy 2022. Will the weather be set...
9 November 2022
Adding value to your property
In the 1980s, a fast-moving property market prompted homeowners to move every eight years. Nowadays, research suggests...
Masz ponad 65 lat i trudno jest uzyskać kredyt hipoteczny? Według ostatnich ustaleń z pewnością nie jesteś sam.
30 August 2022
A positive approach to mortgages for over-65s
Are you over 65 and finding it challenging to get a mortgage? You’re certainly not...
wzrost cen
23 August 2022
Double figure house price rise shows signs of slowing
House prices grew by 11.2% year-on year in May – but there are signs that...
Ubezpieczenia – obecnie potrzebne bardziej niż kiedykolwiek
16 August 2022
Protection – needed now more than ever
Nobody likes the fact that so much of their income is spent on unglamorous outgoings...
wzrost cen
12 August 2022
Could Platinum Jubilee cities see house price spike?
For the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, eight towns including Colchester and Doncaster in England, Dunfermline in...
rynek nieruchomosci
9 August 2022
What’s in store for the property market?
Over the past couple of years, we have all been affected by the chaos the...
finanse w UK
16 June 2022
Your future financial wellbeing
British households saw their financial wellbeing fall at the fastest rate since the onset of...

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